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School Information

IEC of Oregon and the Area II Inside Electrical JATC operate the Independent Electrical Training Center (IETC) for both the in-class portion of the Limited Residential and Inside Electrical apprentice training and continuing education classes for licensed journey workers. Located in North Salem off I-5 at exit 258, IETC offers 10,000 square feet of space with 5 well-equipped classrooms and 2 permanent training labs.

Classes at IETC are two nights a week in the fall, winter, and spring. Classes adhere to the nationally recognized curriculum developed by IEC National and are accredited by Chemeketa Community College. Please see the Inside Electrical calendar for school dates.

Registration & Class Information

The IETC Education Director, Jeff Hooper, will email out school information for the entire school year in July. Students will need to register for classes with both Chemeketa Community College and with IETC. Tuition information for each term will be emailed out one moth prior to the start of term. Please see the Inside Electrical calendar for school dates.

Reminder: Only registered apprentices may begin school.

Financial Aid

The Independent Electrical Training Trust awards scholarships on an annual basis. Information on scholarships is emailed out each spring, and the scholarships are awarded in July.

Apprentices may also apply for scholarships & financial aid through Chemeketa Community College. For more information, please visit the college’s financial aid page here and their scholarship page here.

Degree Information

The Area II Inside Electrical apprenticeship program is affiliated with Chemeketa Community College and apprentices earn college credit by taking classes at IETC.

Registered apprentices must log their on-the-job training hours by submitting Monthly Progress Reports online by the 10th of every month.

Resources for Current Apprentices

Wage Scale

The annual wage for 2023 increased to $37.10 per hour for an average Area II Residential journey worker.  See below for the wage breakdown for the Area II Limited Residential apprentices.

Average Journey Worker Wage: $37.10
Effective January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Period % Pay Scale Minimum OJT Minimum Related Training
(completion with grade C or higher)
CPR/FA Cards
1 55 $20.41 0 0 NA
2 65 $24.12 1000 1st year Fall term (48 hours) Current
3 75 $27.83 2000 1st year complete (144 hours) Current
4 85 $31.54 3000 2nd year Fall term (192 hours) Current

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kayleen Williams at 503 598-7789 press 4 or email kayleen@iecoregon.org.

CPR/First Aid Classes

Apprentices are required to obtain an Adult CPR/First Aid card within their first 90 days in the program and maintain a current card throughout its duration. IEC of Oregon regularly offers CPR/First aid classes to satisfy this requirement. You can view upcoming classes here.

Apprentices Referred to Test

If you have been referred to test and recently took your state exam, you can check the Building Codes Division website to see if you passed by clicking here. If you see your name posted with a license number, please send the apprenticeship department an email letting us know that you passed.

Washington State Trainee Card

If your employer has you work in Washington State, then you will need to obtain a trainee card to perform any electrical work there. If your employer needs you to obtain a card, you can find the necessary information on the Washington State Labor & Industries website here.

Veterans’ Benefits

This apprenticeship program is approved by the VA to offer VA benefits. If eligible, you may use veterans’ benefits while registered in this program. For more information, please see the Veterans Benefits Administration website here or call the VA at (888) 442-4551.

Policy Handbook & Standards