An essential component of an apprenticeship program is on-the-job training, where apprentices learn the intricacies of their trade by working hands-on in the field under the supervision of licensed journey workers. This element of training is only possible with the participation of employers in the training process. Training agents are employers approved by the committee and the Bureau of Labor & Industries to employ, train, and supervise apprentices according to approved industry standards.

Benefits of Apprenticeship for Employers

  • Highly trained workers are more productive and have better working habits
  • Classroom study helps apprentices learn the trade and work more safely
  • Apprentices see the time and energy spent in the program as a long-term investment in their careers, reducing labor turnover
  • Provides employers with workers who are versatile and can adapt to new technologies
  • Provides employers with a screened pool of applicants to hire from

Minimum Requirements for Training Agents

Operation as an Electrical Contractor – Employers must be in business operating as an electrical contractor for a minimum of 1 year.
CCB License – Employers must possess a valid CCB license showing “non-exempt” status. To look up your license, you may use the CCB Contractor License search here.
Electrical Contractor License – Employers must possess a current Electrical Contractor License (required to pull permits).
Signing Supervisor on Staff – Employers must employ a signing supervisor whose primary job is with their company.

How to Apply for Training Agent Status

Interested employers may contact the apprenticeship director, Kayleen  Williams, for an application packet. After submitting the completed packet, a company representative is required to attend a JATC meeting to be approved as a new training agent. A designated apprenticeship contact person must also complete an orientation with the apprenticeship director as a part of the application process.

Kayleen Williams, Apprenticeship Director, Area II Inside Electrical
(503) 598-7789 ext. 108

Through the FlashPoint database, your company can review apprentice work reports and check on their progress in the program.