About Us

The Voice of the Industry

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) of Oregon is the sole voice of the merit shop electrical professional and a trusted resource for both inside electrical and limited energy contractors.  We help electrical contractors master their craft by offering innovative education and training and support their careers and businesses through services and advocacy at the state and local government levels.

About IEC of Oregon

Our Mission

The Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon exist to strengthen the competitive environment for the state’s independent electrical contractors. We do it by:

Developing a creative, professional workforce
Our apprentice programs turn out competent, intelligent and effective journeyman year after year. We train and support them throughout their career by offering the continuing education and professional development classes needed to remain licensed and competitive.

Advocating within local and state government
We work hard to make sure the laws and regulations put into effect on a state and local level are informed by the voices of the very people they will affect: you and your business.

Promoting safe, ethical, and profitable business practices
Safety training, leadership classes and business seminars provide the most up to date information on the current industry trends and regulations. From worker’s compensation to new OSHA laws, we are your source to keep you informed.

Providing industry leadership
We represent the merit shop’s interest in the development of the National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code, NEMA, UL, and NECA. We’re at the committee meetings with OSHA, MSHA, and other federal agencies regulating workplace safety, advocating for the industry and your business.

Core Values

We strive to live up to the core values set by our founders and leaders over the last 40 years.

Our members:

• Practice safety first
• Conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism
• Embody the “merit shop” philosophy
• Commit to lifelong learning and mastery
• Promote an educated workforce
• Think creatively and embrace technological innovation
• Identify new ways to add value for customers
• Operate efficiently, sustainably, and profitably
• Contribute to their industry and community


Cindy Regier, Executive Director
Email: cindy@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789  option 1
Direct Dial:  1 (971) 239-0676
Cell Phone:  (503) 686-8989


Eva Sizelove, Apprenticeship Director,
Area I Limited Energy

Email: eva@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789 option 4
Direct Dial:  1 (971) 239-0790


Jeff HooperEducation Director
Independent Electrical Training Center
Email: jeff@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789 option 7
Direct Dial:  1 (971) 239–0679
Cell: (541) 301-0358


Tina SloanEducation Assistant
Independent Electrical Training Center
Email:  tina@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789 option 7
Direct Dial:  1 (971) 239-0737


Gina Cumming, Events and Marketing Mgr.
Email: gina@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789 option 3
Direct Dial:  1 (971) 239-0675

Cell:  (503) 803-6623


Kayleen Williams, Apprenticeship Director,
Area II and Area IV Inside Electrical 

Email:  kayleen@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789 option 7
Direct Dial:  1 (971) 239-0561

Cell:  (503) 899-2406


Kristan Lewis, Data & Program Services Manager
Email:  kristan@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789 option 5
Direct Dial:  1 (971) 239-0528


Brenna StrassburgFiscal and HR/Administrative Specialist
Independent Electrical Contractors Office 
Email: brenna@iecoregon.org
Phone: (503) 598-7789 option 6
Direct Dial: (503) 608-7426


Kristy Barnett, Administrative and
Apprenticeship Assistant Areas 2 and 4
Independent Electrical Contractors Office 
Email: kristy@iecoregon.org
Direct Dial:  (971)  239-0717

Meet Our Board of Directors for 2022-2023

The Board of Directors is the primary governing body of the Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon.  The Board consists of both Contractor Members and up to two Industry Partners called Associate Directors. They are elected by the general membership of the association for a two-year term, during the annual dinner meeting and awards program which takes place each year in early May.

Aaron Van Fleet – Triton Communications

Vice President
Liam O’Brien – Current Electric Construction Company

Jeneé Pearce-Mushen – Pacific Alarm Systems


Immediate Past President
Kent Zimmerman – Access Electric LLC



Jeb Albin, Cook Security Group, Inc.

Gary Boom, Parkin Electric, Inc.

Jon Coulimore, JC Electric

Don Kellum, Safety Electric, Inc.

Corey Richards, Steele Electric

Kyle Ruthardt, Bull Run Electric, Inc.

Steve Shepherd, Bear Electric

Associate Directors

Shawn Miller, Miller Public Affairs

Adam-Ross Branch, KPD Insurance

IEC Regional Director


Governmental Affairs

Shawn Miller, Miller Public Affairs

Information on the dates and times of the Board Meetings to be found in the calendar under Membership.

Giving Back

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
– Winston Churchill

Construction Suicide Prevention Partnership

CSPP is a non-profit dedicated to helping the construction industry lower the suicide rate. 

They do this through extensive education, training, outreach, and engagement to reduce substance abuse and improve mental health.

For every person who dies by suicide, some people think seriously about it but don’t act on it – those who say Not Today.  ‘Those who have found in that very moment, buried deep, one last ounce of resilience and possibility. This is the space where our hope lives. This is our moment. Our most important action. To create a space for life.’

CSPP Stats

CSPP, which is affiliated with Lines for Life, has been in service since 1993.   They are a statewide organization.    

Today, the construction industry loses more workers to suicide than workplace accidents. CSPP represents large and small construction companies, subcontractors, building trades, safety specialists, OSHA, SAIF, and healthcare partners.   They work for the day when mental health conversations are as routine as safety updates and the morning toolbox talk.

Get involved with CSPP.  They provide tons of resources and strategies for your company to build awareness, both online and in person.  They have provided a special IEC form for our members to get resources and presentations.  The Form Link is Here.  They also take donations.  Please find The Donation Portal here.

REACH Community Development

REACH is a non-profit affordable home provider in Oregon and SW Washington. 

They develop and manage over 2,800 homes and apartments serving over 3,500 people annually.  They provide services to seniors, people impacted by disability, and people previously unhoused.

REACH’s Community Builders Program provides free year-round repairs and modifications focused on increasing the health and safety of the homes of low-income homeowners in Portland.


REACH Community Development has been in service since 1982.  Their service area is Multnomah, Washington, and Clark counties.  

REACH wants to make sure all people deserve a place to call home.  That is not always easy.  The average annual income for a REACH household is approximately $19,600.  63% of households are considered extremely low-income.  They create opportunities by developing and promoting equitable access to quality, affordable homes, supportive services, and community.

Get involved with REACH.  Learn more on their website HERE.  They accept monetary and material donations.   Plus, they would love to have volunteers to help with repairs for those in need.  Watch for our member newsletters for updates on electrical help needs.  Please see The REACH / IEC Donation and Volunteer Signup Portal  here.

The IEC Foundation

For over 25 years the Independent Electrical Contractors Foundation has provided grant funding and state-of-the-art equipment to IEC training centers across the country.  The 501c(3) charitable organization supports education and training initiatives that prepare students for successful careers in the electrical systems contracting industry.

Through IEC funding, new apprentices are given the opportunity to train and learn using the latest, high-quality equipment available. IEC Foundation works to help individuals succeed.  Click HERE to learn more about IECF.

We chose these charities for their outstanding organization, vision, needs, and relevancy. There will be opportunities to support our partners through upcoming fundraisers and active volunteering.

Contact gina@iecoregon.org for any questions.  Thank you.

IEC of Oregon History

In 1978, the Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon officially formed. A group of several contractors saw a need for a collective voice for open-shop electrical contractors and a means to train the industry’s future workers. Founding members included John Beck, Burch Judson, William Engelman, R.G. Adams, Virgil Viner, and Louis Allen. Their first objective was to ‘find a solution to the apprenticeship training and licensing situation which has plagued the non-union shops for many years. It was a battle in the early days as they struggled to create an apprenticeship program for the industry, but they finally prevailed. Along the way, they accomplished the following:

  • Founded JATC’s across the state and fought to establish state-sanctioned open shop apprenticeship training programs
  • Scrutinized all legislative bills affecting the electrical industry and pushed to have a say at the state level
  • Created financial stewardship
  • Established positive relationships with state agencies

From there IEC of Oregon grew, adding members and apprentices across the state. In 1990, the Board of Directors added staff to run the growing organization and hired its first executive director. They also brought the organization a variety of new member benefits including discounted health insurance programs, workers compensation insurance, and property and casualty insurance.

Over the years, IEC of Oregon also:

  • Worked on changing ratios for apprenticeship training programs, improving construction lien laws to support contractors getting paid promptly and expanded the minor label program
  • Promoted the advantages of the merit shop philosophy
  • Helped in the development of state exam requirements
  • Gained approval for an Area I Limited Energy program
  • Opened an Independent Electrical Training Center in Salem

The association currently oversees the Inside Electrical and Limited Energy Apprenticeship training programs serving over 700 apprentices. IEC has added a variety of programs including continuing education and professional development classes, free unlimited HR access, an employment application service, and several new events to bring our members together.

The future for IEC Oregon is very bright.