The Limited Energy Apprenticeship Program
will be open for applications:


Applications Processed During The Following Dates.  Supporting documentation must be received prior to the Orientation meeting: email
Applicants Mandatory Orientation:   Attend a mandatory orientation via Zoom.  Orientation link and interview information will be provided via email 5 days prior to the published date below.
Applicant’s Notification of Ranking Via Email By The Dates Below
April 3-7, 2023 Wednesday, April 12, 2023 – 3:00 PM Friday, April 21, 2023
June 5-9, 2023 Wednesday, June 14, 2023 – 3:00 PM Friday, June 23, 2023
June 26-30, 2023 Wednesday, July 12, 2023 – 3:00 PM Friday, July 21, 2023
We will post future open dates as they become available


Please see the information packet which will explain the Limited Energy Apprenticeship program and processes.

When you are ready you may complete the Limited Energy Application online and submit it to our office.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristan at

Key Dates

2023 Spring Quarter:  March 27 – June 15, 2023
2023 Fall Quarter:  September 18 – December 7, 2023

What is the application process?

Complete the online application as instructed above.  You will be sent a confirmation email with instructions for submitting supporting documentation.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • At least 17 years old to apply and 18 years old to begin the program
  • High school diploma, GED, or Associate Degree or higher from an accredited educational institution
  • Completion of one year of high school algebra, Integrated Math II or equivalent with a grade of C or higher or equivalent math placement test scores (Math 65 or higher)

I do not meet the algebra requirement. What can I do?

You can submit college math placement test scores to meet our algebra requirement for entry into the program. Simply take a math placement test at a community college and submit your results demonstrating that you place into Math 65 or higher. If you need assistance with the basics of algebra prior to taking your test, see Algebra Help and Math League. The following local community colleges offer placement testing:

I am a veteran. Is the application process different for me?

Veterans may apply to the program at any time if they meet the minimum qualifications of the program and are:

  • Members of the Regular Services who have been discharged from active duty service with a DD214 issued within 24 months indicating Honorable Discharge;
  • Members of the Selected Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve with a DD214 issued within 24 months; or
  • Members of the Oregon National Guard who are active or with a DD214 issued within 24 months.

Veterans do not receive direct entry into the program.

Once your application file is opened, you will receive an email with further information on completing a recorded interview and attending a mandatory orientation meeting.

Your application will be scored based on your interview and your submitted documentation. For more information, please see our point system.

What types of documentation count for points?

You can submit the following with your application for points:

  • Transcripts, certificates, and degrees from high school, college, military, or trade school
  • Letter from current/previous employers on company letterhead verifying employment. Letters must include start and end date, title, and duties (resumes are not accepted)
  • DD214
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of CPR & First Aid card

Based on your score, you will be ranked and placed on a waiting list composed of existing applicants in order of ranking. Once high enough up on the list, you may be hired by a registered training agent and start the program. For a more detailed explanation of our applicant pool policy, please click here.

What hiring criteria might employers have?

  • Valid driver’s license & driving record that meets liability insurance carrier requirements
  • Pass a background check
  • Pre-employment drug screening test
  • Access to reliable transportation
  • No fear of heights or confined spaces

I already have an employer who wants to hire me. Can I bypass this process?

No, you must still apply and wait until you are high enough up on the list for your employer to hire you on as an apprentice.

“The apprenticeship program has provided me with an extra sense of drive when I get up in the morning because I LOVE what I do.”

– Brian, Second Year Class A Apprentice