1) APPLY  Submit the application to our office by mail or email with documentation of minimum requirements and additional documentation for points.

2) INTERVIEW   Interview information will be provided via email once the application and minimum requirements are met.

3) SCORE   Your application will be scored based on your interview and documentation.

4) RANK   Based on your score, you will be ranked and placed on a waiting list composed of existing applicants in order of ranking.

Hand of an electrician with multimeter probe at an electrical sw

What are the minimum requirements?

The following are the minimum requirements:

  • At least 17 years old to apply and 18 years old to begin the program
  • High school diploma, GED, or Associate Degree or higher from an accredited educational institution (include copies of diploma/certificate with application)
  • Proof of algebra:
    1) Copy of the Individual Score Report from the WorkKeys applied Math test showing a score of 5 or higher.  (if you have a 5 or higher WorkKeys Math, then we do not need a transcript or placement scores);  OR
    2) Transcripts showing a completion of one year of high school algebra, Integrated Math II, or equivalent with a grade of “C” or higher;  OR
    3) Math Placement test scores demonstrating that you place into Math 65/70 or higher.

WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate Test Scores
Copies of the Individual Score Reports for all three of the WorkKeys assessments that make up the National Career Readiness Certificate Test Scores.  We do not need the certificate but the numerical scores you received for the following:

Applied Math
Workplace Documents
Graphic Literacy

How do I take a math placement test?

You can submit college math placement test scores to meet our algebra requirement for entry into the program. Simply take a math placement test at any community college and submit your results demonstrating that you place into Math 65 or higher. If you need assistance with the basics of algebra prior to taking your test, see Algebra Help and Math League.

1.  I am a veteran.  Is the application process different for me?

If you are a veteran and have been a honorably discharged within the last 24 months or are in the reserves with a DD214, you will still need to complete the application process.  However, you will have your name automatically included on every list of applicants sent to training agents.  This program also qualifies for education benefits.  Please contact the apprenticeship department for more information.

2.  What hiring criteria might employers have? 

  • Drivers license and reliable transportation
  • Insured to operate company vehicles
  • Pass a drug test and/or background check
  • Able to identify the colors of conductors of a sample cable
  • Ability to frequently lift/move up to 50 pounds, such as tool boxes
  • Ability to occasionally lift/move up to 90 pounds, such as bags of concrete mix
  • Not afraid of heights or confined spaces

3.  I already work for a registered training agent.  Can I bypass this process?

Certain training agents have been approved to sponsor individuals directly into this program.  These individuals must still meet the minimum program requirements and submit WorkKeys test scores.  Inquire with your employer about whether they are approved as a sponsor with the apprenticeship program and contact the apprenticeship department for the next steps if they are.

4.  Can I start taking classes at IETC while I am on the waiting list?  

No.  You must be employed by a training agent and registered with the state as an apprentice to start school.

“I can’t say enough about this program. It is allowing me to fulfill my dreams of becoming an electrician and I feel like I have new meaning in my life.”

– Tim, First Year Inside Electrical Apprentice