Employees of your organization can be like family. And like all families, sometimes issues arise that may cause concern.
That’s when you need help.

If you are a member of IEC of Oregon, you can get unlimited access to HR consultants regarding any HR or employee related problems.

HR Answers is a full-service provider of HR products and services. This new partnership between IEC of Oregon and HR Answers is designed to offer your company information, support, advice and resources. It is ideal for organizations that do not have a full-time human resources person, or where the HR staff may need technical support on compliance or complex issues. Get an enrollment form today and get answers.


  • Unlimited telephone and email access to HR Answers consultants regarding any HR or em-ployee related question. Access includes any designated manager or supervisor in the en-rolled organization.
  • Unlimited access to all HRA Resource Guides (via HRA website with password required) with download capabilities (includes HR Forms, Sample Employee Handbook, Performance Management, ADA-AA and OFLA/FMLA).
  • Unlimited access to HRA Salary Survey Library (reservations required).
  • Discounted registration pricing for all HRA workshops.
  • Discounted (flat rate) salary surveys and handbook reviews.
  • 20% per/hour discount on any consulting project work*.


  • Salary or incentive compensation design
  • Salary Surveys
  • Organizational Development
  • Employee Relations Assistance
  • Recruiting Assistance
  • HR Practices Review/Audit
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Risk Management in regards to employment law
  • Outplacement Assistance
  • Mediation
  • Job Descriptions
  • Training
  • Oregon Pay Equity
  • Assessment and documentation of harassment, unemployment, Worker’s Comp, or BOLI claims


1) This offer is for IEC of Oregon members only.

2) All members must enroll. Please contact gina@iecoregon.org for an enrollment form.

3) HR Answers will only consult with member company’s authorized representatives as stated on the enrollment form for confidentiality and consistency.

4) Once enrolled, IEC of Oregon members will receive information from HR Answers and their own online login with password for security.

5) All Advantage Plan Consulting work, listed here, is available for an additional discounted fee as stated above.

To Apply, fill out an Enrollment Form and return by Email or by Fax To 503-598-1192