Much like the Challenger explosion or 911, we will all remember where we were in life’s journey when COVID-19 runs its course and we look back at it’s consequences.  And that’s the point.  This is, in the grand scheme of things, temporary.  A thing to put our heads down and get through.  And though we will all be changed, in our work and personal lives, albeit some more than others, we will get through.

We, at IEC of Oregon, are here with our ears to the ground to give you as much information as we can to help you manage through this. Please find subjects and links organized by buckets.  This page on our website is updated daily.  Please reach out to us, if you have any questions and we will work hard to find answers.  We want to especially thank our Industry Partners, highlighted below for all of their help and resources.

COVID – 19: News From IECI National

Recording of the CARES Act Webinar April 2nd

This webinar addressed the requirements and impacts of the CARES Act on Employers.  Click the link below to hear the recorded discussion regarding access to loans, payroll tax delays and credits, as well as increased opportunities for employers to access retirement funds, the impact on unemployment and updates to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
Recorded April 2nd Webinar on the CARES Act from IECI

Click HERE for Updated Information From IECI on:
  • Message from Spenser Villwock, IEC National CEO, on COVID-19 impact to the Electrical Industry
  • COVID Impact on Insurance
  • IEC Federal Legislative Updates
  • Electricians Included in Essential Workforce Federal Guidance


Drop Box Resources (Click on each individual line for the Drop Box):

COVID – 19: Information For The Employer

From the CCB

Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-12 Stay at Home did not include construction among the business or industries required to close.  However, the order does require that all businesses that remain in operation employ social distancing and designate an employee or offices to establish, implement and enforce these policies consistent with guidance from the Oregon Health Authority.

In Washington, Governor Inslee proclaimed on March 25, 2020, all non-essential businesses in the state cease operations except for performing basic minimum operations.

4/3  Senator Jeff Merkley’s Information on Support for Small Business and COVID Relief Packages

List of SBA Lenders

4/2  Comprehensive help on understanding the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) and benefits to you, your business and your employees from Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt

4/2  U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship’s Guide to the CARES Act with FAQs

U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer – Resources for Employers and Workers

Click on these links for help as an employer from financial and health guidance.

Oregon Health Authority 
Information on COVID-19 testing, info by county and Governor’s orders from OHA and DHA

Work Share Program 
Work Share provides an alternative for employers and employees who may be facing the prospect of layoffs.  With Work Share, instead of reducing staff, an employer reduces the hours for a group of workers.  Partial unemployment benefits are then paid to supplement workers’ reduced wages.

U.S. Small Business Administration
The SBA will provide disaster assistance loans for small business impacted by Covid-19.  SBA’s Economic Disaster Loans offer up to $2 million in assistance for a small business.


Business Oregon
Additional financial resources for business can be found at Business Oregon – Oregon’s economic development agency.

Office of Emergency Management
A resource for those businesses wanting to help out by donating or selling to the government, if your company provides a service the government can use.

Extension on Filing Tax Returns
The IRS issued an extension for federal tax returns the Oregon Department of Revenue issued a similar extension  – most individuals and businesses now have until June 15th.

Important Information from our Industry Partner SAIF

On March 26th, the SAIF Board of Directors approved a 10 million COVID-19 worker safety fund designed help policyholders pay for expenses tied to making workplaces safer against COVID-19.  This includes worksite cleaning and disinfection supplies, resources to redesign or modify workspaces and more.  All IEC of Oregon members who are SAIF policyholders are eligible and the application is now available at   Or contact the team via email at

SAIF – Corona Virus and Workers Compensation
For Contractors:  The most important thing is to contact SAIF as soon as you are aware of a potential payroll, classification or payment issue.  By alerting SAIF early they can work with you to find the right solution.

SAIF is Committed to Serving You During This Time


Important Information from our Industry Partner Barran Liebman 

4/2 Barran Liebman Ins and Outs of FFCRA Tax Credits

4/1 Barran Liebman FFCRA Eligibility Begins:  Posted Notice is Required
Leave Eligibility Compliance Tool
Posting Notice in English
Posting Notice in Spanish
4/1 What Documentation To Collect from Employees Requesting FFCRA

3/31 Barran Liebman COVID Financial Assistance Update for Employers

3/30 Barran Liebman Expanded DOL Guidance on New Paid Leave Laws

Barran Liebman Information on Lay-Offs and Mandatory Closures – What Employers Need to Know

Alternatives to Layoffs for Employers Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic


Important Information from our Industry Partner Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt

See top of this section for information from Schwabe on the CARES Act

Legal Implications of COVID-19   Resources and Articles
Schawabe, Wiliamson and Wyatt 

Resources Specifically for Construction and Real Estate
Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt


Important Information from HR Answers (scroll down for more information on HR Answers)
3/31 What To Do If You Receive a Presumptive Positive or Positive Test for One of Your Employees
3/31 What To Do If You Have to Layoff or Furlough Your Employees – from procedures to sample letters 


Important Information from our Industry Partner Federated Insurance
Three documents designed to help support your organization during these uncertain times.

Employers FAQs
Families First Act
Rules for Employers


Important Information from our Industry Partner La Porte Insurance
Understanding the $2 Trillion Stimulus Package 
LaPorte Insurance COVID-19 Resource Center
For the Up-To-Date Information on Compliance, HR and Employee Communication


Guidance for Business to Plan and Respond to the Coronavirus from the CDC

See Also General Questions and Answers for Employers
Guidance for Business to Plan and Respond to the Coronavirus from the CDC


More Guidance and Q & A for Construction Contractors from Oregon OSHA (scroll down half way on site)

3/30  Interim Guidance for Oregon OSHA Related to COVID-19

COVID – 19:  The Worksite

You must show that you are in compliance with the workplace restrictions and working with in the guidelines of the Oregon Health Authority or business that fail to comply will be closed until they demonstrate compliance.



Here are the Rules and Resources for Oregon Constructions Workers and Contractors.  The ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ edict from Governor Brown does not include construction on the list of businesses that must close during the pandemic.

BOLI Guidelines for Worksite Safety

Additional Resources Construction Industry Specific 

COVID – 19:  Information For Your Apprentices

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the IEC of Oregon Office is closed and unable to accept applications at this time.  Please watch the website for updated information on application submissions as it becomes available.  Thank you for your understanding.

Note on CPR Requirements.  CPR is not a state licensing requirement but an individual JATC requirement.  Some of our classes have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and you may be up for renewal.  At this point in time, do not worry.  The directors will notify all apprentices with expired cards when it is safe to have classes again.  

Apprentices should check their emails and texts often for updates from their Directors:
Limited Energy:  Eva Sizelove –
Inside Electrical:  Kayleen Williams –
Educational Director for IETC:  Jeff Hooper –

From the BCD:

There are no proctor sites available so license testing is currently not available.  These sites may open end of April or beginning of June.  BDC will have more information on this on April 2nd.

Available for All Members on IEC of Oregon Healthcare

As the Covid-19 outbreak unfolds, you have an option to the doctors office – Teladoc.  Virtual care is recommended by the CDC as the way to get care and help avoid exposure and spread of potentially contagious viruses.

Click HERE to find a handy comparison of the symptoms for Covid-19, the Flu and the Common Cold.  You will have to set up your account on Teladoc prior to use, so for those members on our healthcare go to and hit the get started button now.


CNN Health In-depth Explanation of Symptoms

IEC of Oregon Members get FREE Unlimited Access to HR Consultants

Now is an important time to understand how the employment laws are changing and wrong decisions could put your business at risk.  Having answers—right away—can save you money and headaches.

As a member of IEC of Oregon, when you sign up with HR Answers you get free unlimited access to HR consultants to discuss any HR or employee related problem — an annual savings of $2,200 or more.  Supplementary services are available for additional consulting fees.

Click HERE for more information
Click HERE for a fillable registration form for HR Answers

Important Information from HR Answers

4/2  Covid Information from HR Answers – a link to their COVID Page

3/31 What To Do If You Receive a Presumptive Positive or Positive Test for One of Your Employees

3/31 What To Do If You Have to Layoff or Furlough Your Employees – from procedures to sample letters